Human cloning and genetic engineering has always been considered to be the next step in scientific advancement or just science fiction. But many citizens of Melbourne are about to discover that not only are they very real, a shadowy group has already pioneered the techniques for their own ends. Now to get their nefarious agenda back on track, 42 individuals are about to learn that everything they thought they knew about themselves is a lie which will change their destinies - and the destinies of the people around them - forever.

Please register as DESIGNATION. (Olympus Clones) or FIRST LAST. (everyone else) in all caps. (Ex. OMICRON. or ANDREW SHARPE.)

IC february is giving way to march which means the summer term is in full swing for students of all levels of school. melbourne engineering students are asked to try to keep their pranks to a manageable level this year for the sake of the grounds crew. meanwhile production for trickster's queen has begun and one hopes that new members of the cast can seamlessly fit into the returning members, while the victoria ballet company winds down after a successful christmas, though preparations for the fall performances are set to begin any day now. and while the citizens of melbourne go abut their lives, in a secret compound miles away, life has gotten a little duller now that the olympus clones are in the field.

OOC - 07/01 staff search is still ongoing. this is going to be key as sarah is moving mid month for a new job.

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REGISTRATION When registering as any character please do so in the following format; "FIRST LAST." all in caps. (ex ANDREW SHARPE.) The exception is if you are registering for an Olympus clone. In that case please register as "DESIGNATION." (ex OMICRON.) The period is especially important for those Olympus Clones who have designations that are only two letters long! If you make a mistake, don't panic. Just pm the sarahdoll ! account and Sarah will fix it as soon as she can.

REQUIRED READING Please make sure you read all of the relevant materials, especially in regards to the clones. Eden, Olympus and Singularity clones all have different attributes. When picking a canon, it is recommended you take a gander at the blurbs of those they are connected with to get a sense of your chosen character's stage of life at the beginning of the story. If you have any questions, Sarah can clear them up.

TIMEFRAME From the day you register your account you will have ten days to complete the application process. Times are calculated according to Sarah's timezone (GMT-5/EST). Any request for an extension must come in at least 48 hours before the expiry time. Staff are not liable for archived incomplete profiles or deleted accounts if no movement has been made on an app or if an account is registered than abandoned.

ORIGINALS Our canon list is massive which means the creation of originals is going to be limited. It is strongly recommended that you play a canon before an original. All original characters will be civilians, entertainers or students at this time - no exceptions! We will also not be allowing the creation of characters younger then 17/twelfth graders at this time. If you want to play one of the clones, but don't like the names picked out, PM Sarah regarding changes.

CHARACTER LIMITS Oh wait, there is no character limit. However be reasonable and don't take on more than you can handle; staff reserve the right to ask you to drop characters you are not actively playing. (And we're more likely to ask you to drop a clone canon first!) It is also asked that you do not "load up" on certain characters; don't hog the Edens or play only characters who are based at the University of Victoria campus. At this time we are not allowing one player to have more than one clone from the same project who are on the same campus. Speaking of not loading up - your characters must maintain a certain degree of separation. You cannot play characters who are roommates, relatives, direct co-wokers or in some kind of a relationship. Try to aim for at least three degrees of separation if at all possible. We also ask that the ratios be respected - try to include a male if you already have three females or a civilian if you want a third clone. No one likes bans, so please don't be the person to cause one if you can help it.

POSTS The minimum post length outside of communication/social media threads is expected to be between 300 and 350 words. However if someone posts something longer, as a courtesy please try to reciprocate. Exceptions will be made for threads involving physical fights and possibly the actions leading up to a capture/capture attempt. Contact staff for this. Posts in the RP forums are expected to be in the third person, past tense. (Event/news reactions have no minimum.)

RATING Swearing, sex and fighting happens in real life and will most likely happen between characters. That being said, please respect the sensibilities of your fellow players. Posts with excessive crude language will result in the staff asking for edits and mature threads will need to be tagged, especially because we are not hosted by Jcink premium services. No one wants to lose the site - including profiles, shippers and rp partners - due to a terms of service violation. So let's do what we can to avoid that.

ACTIVITY The minimum requirement for posting is once per month per character, so long as an active presence within the community is maintained. Real life commitments like jobs and school deadlines obviously take priority, but plots and posts do need to move. After six weeks of no posts and little to no account activity, characters will be inactivated. From the day the inactive notice is sent, you have seven days to post or the account will be deleted and the character reopened.

COMMUNITY Be friendly, be respectful and please leave any offsite issues at the door. If you have a problem with someone, solve it through PM or contact an staff member for mediation. Stirring up OOC drama will NOT be tolerated by anyone. This includes in the C-box! Harassment of any kind will also not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly. Respect the staff, respect each other and respect yourselves! That way we can all have a good time here at Hidden Genetics.

SUGGESTIONS If you have ideas for a site event, subplots or general something, please let staff know! Ideas help the site prosper and go round. After all we can't fix something if we don't know it's broken! Last but not least, enjoy yourselves and have fun! stuff

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